Group Coaching

Our group coaching programme does not simply challenge people. It encourages people to challenge themselves. Over the course of two sessions a month for twelve months, participants will refresh their critical business skills in a group setting.

The programme is built around your needs, your desire for results and the challenges of your marketplace. Our aim for each session is to inject brilliance into your business. The sessions are collaborative and creative. They are about exploring new ideas, refreshing your skills and meeting other business owners who are on a similar journey to you.

Ultimately the training you will recieve is all about delivering results for your business.

The programme involves two sessions each month for twelve months. The key skills you’ll develop are:

·       Understanding your market, so you can be successful

·       Setting the right vision and mission to motivate you and your business

·       Developing the right business strategies for success

·       Developing a business and financial plan you are confident in

·       How to make your products stand out to your customers

·       How do you invest and deliver effective marketing

·       How to sell you products successfully

·       How to build and deliver great customer service

·       How to develop customer advocacy and reduce your costs

·       How to work effectively and efficiently – leaders and business’

·       Motivating organisations

·       How to be a great leader

·       Managing financials and numbers for best results

The seminar was incredibly insightful with easy to digest information and great case studies.
— Carrie Salmon

Your commitment

We take a limited number of participants for our group coaching each year. You need to be able to commit to two sessions a month for twelve months. The Advocacy Group Coaching investment is £500 a month plus VAT.

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