Four Ways to Deliver Consistent Business Results

Great ideas can be hard to put into practice. In business, execution is arguably as important as that initial bright spark idea. Sustained execution of your ideas can be even harder to achieve. Without sustained execution of great ideas, consistent business results can be hard to realise.

Make Productivity a Habit Not a Task

Your time is precious and easy to waste. Make sure it is structured. Different activities in different blocks of time. Don’t do work that’s below your pay grade - automate or outsource it. To make the most of your time you ought to consistently question the activities you undertake.

Focus on What’s Important, Not What’s Urgent

Owner and managers can spend too much time firefighting ‘urgent’ problems rather than focusing on the bigger picture. This can stop them from delivering consistent business results. If you spend all your time, or even a large amount of each day (say thirty per cent) reacting, that’s a large amount of your day gone when you could be planning for the future. Consistent results can only be achieved if you’re clear on what matters most.

Have Measurable, Specific Goals…

Big targets can appear overwhelming and even vague to your employees. Take big yearly, quarterly and monthly targets and break them down. This will help your team visualise them and achieve them. Having specific goals will keep your employees accountable and help you deliver consistent business results in the long run.

… And Make Sure Your Team is Aware of Them

Nobody on the team should be unclear about the company goals. If employees aren’t given a plan they’ll invent their own one, or do far less work than they ought to. As a leader, it’s one of your responsibilities to share with the team how well the company is progressing. Never forget to show high-performing employees that the value they’re adding to the company is appreciated. Consistent results are only achievable if you retain your best employees.

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