How Business Coaching Can Help You Grow

Sometimes it’s worth going back to first principles. What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a form of management training and personal development for entrepreneurs. At Advocacy Coaching our training and development is uniquely tailored to the needs of each of our clients. Ultimately the aim of business coaching is to help you make better decisions and become a better leader.

Starting, running and growing a business can be extraordinarily difficult and extraordinarily rewarding. There is always a great deal of risk involved. The support, guidance and experience of a business coach can greatly increase the chances of success.

Recently, a client asked me what to expect from business coaching. This was a great moment for me to reflect on the positive outcomes that business coaching ought to guarantee. If you, as a client, come in to business coaching with a relatively open mind, this is what you can reasonably expect to gain from one of our programmes.


Knowledge of Yourself

This sounds vague but it’s actually very important. Research shows that neutral self-awareness can have positive impacts on personal and company performance. Most of us are confused about our own abilities. This matters a great deal: accurate self-awareness amongst leaders correlates strongly with organisational effectiveness.

Effective, objective coaching will help you to build up a clearer view of your own skills. You should begin to see yourself more clearly. Some assumptions that you hold about yourself will be challenged - which represents a perfect opportunity to grow.

Greater Focus

A business coach helps you to clear your mind. They ought to put things into perspective by arranging goals, expectations, targets and aligning them to the resources available for the growth of your organisation. You no longer have excuses for not doing anything. Your targets are in view and you have an expectant coach waiting for you to fulfil them.

See Employees More Clearly

Leaders often run into problems with recruitment and retention, particularly in small, growing companies where every employee counts. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen owners lose great employees because they’ve failed to recognise how capable they are. That being said, I’ve also seen poor performers kept on for far too long, simply because the business owner thinks they are better than they are.

A good coach will not only help you see yourself more clearly, they will help you see others more clearly. Skilled coaches make their clients more independent and more objective, and accurate self-assessment has a knock on effect on your ability to assess others.


Who are you truly accountable for? Who can you trust to analyse your performance impartially? One of the most important roles of a business coach is to hold their clients to account, for their own good.

With a coach to hold you accountable and help achieve goals, the possibility of success is increased while the risk of continually rewriting and reevaluating unachievable goals is eliminated.


Ultimately a business coach will always endeavour to help you achieve your goals. That is the bottom line. Coaching will set clear goals for you and get you to understand the capabilities you have to achieve them. A coach is both a neutral third party and a support system - somebody who wants the very best for you on your journey.

Working with a coach can be challenging, perhaps even intimidating. But if you’re brave, eager to learn and committed to self-improvement, it can be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

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