It Is Never Too Late To Start


It is Never Too Late to Start

Fergus Crockett

Meet Paul Gauguin 

In 1871, after two years in the French navy, Paul Gauguin returned to Paris and secured a job as a stockbroker. He was 23 years-old. By 1879 he was earning 30,000 franks a year, which is about $125,000 in US dollars today. 

Most of his dealings were in the art market, reflecting a long-held passion Paul had for painting. 

In 1882 the Paris stock market crashed and the art market contracted. Overnight Paul's earnings were significantly reduced.

A New Career

He eventually decided to take up painting full-time.

In the years up until his death in 1903, Paul's artistic career revolutionised modern art. His residence in Tahiti and his fraught relationship with fellow painter Vincent van Gough are now the stuff of legend. 

His work inspired other modern artists, including Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse to push against the boundaries of what was possible and acceptable in their own careers. 

From Gauguin's story we can take a simple lesson: whatever your passion, whatever your ideas, it is never too late to start.