Leadership Means Facing the Hard Issues


Leadership Means Facing the Hard Issues

Fergus Crockett

Scandal in the Charities Sector

As leaders we must never forget our principle duties. We are there to serve our organisations and their purpose.

Today’s parliamentary report on “Sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector” is a shocking and stark reminder of how badly things can go wrong if leaders forget their duties. 

The conclusion of the report that the aid sector is guilty of "complacency verging on complicity" over an "endemic" sex abuse scandal could not be worse.

Looking After Their Reputations

It's clear that charity leaders knew of the issues, but chose to take the easy option and bury their heads in the sand. This action was taken - apparently - to protect the reputation of the charities they worked for. 

Rubbish I say (politely): it was about their individual reputations. Calling out real issues to ensure the safety of the very people they are there to protect, would be hard, bruising and public.

If you take the money and the role, remember who you serve. 

Be unflinching in your passion to serve them and remember you are only as good as your people and their impact.

Governance of the sector must and will change going forward. However the leadership role is still the same and clearly many more checks will need to be put in place for charities due to the abject negligence of the past.

What's needed now? Fresh, responsible leaders for charities who serve their organisation and purpose, with the passion and resilience to face difficult challenges head on.