Three of The Biggest Challenges Business Owners Face

Being a business owner involves lots of juggling. You juggle schedules, challenges and priorities almost non-stop. It can feel as if you face each challenge alone, without support or guidance.

The marketplace moves faster every day. Challenges like new marketing channels, globalization and new technology would be unimaginable to our parents and grandparents. Building, scaling and perhaps even selling a profitable enterprise in this climate is not for the faint-hearted.

Here are five challenges business owners face that our clients at Advocacy have encountered.


Ours is an age of rapid technological development - in both hardware and software. The recent drone scare at Gatwick airport was yet another example of the impact new technologies are having on business and society at large.

Many business owners began their careers before some of these technologies were even invented. Mastering something like Google Analytics without specialist education or guidance can prove to be an immense challenge, particularly when you need to focus on day-to-day priorities.

Customer Service

Today everything is instant. Customers still cleave to old standards of excellence in service - they just expect it to be faster than ever before. If service isn’t instant (and instantly excellent) disappointed customers can make their views known publicly quicker than ever before.

Bringing your customer service into the twenty-first century can be daunting.

Regulation and Compliance

The introduction of GDPR last year sent a wave of panic through industries small and large. As technology develops and changes so to does regulation and compliance. The risk of fines or worse for non-compliance is a real risk without expert help.

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